The Intercollegiate is a public-service journalism venture that critically confronts the subject of college sports.

It proceeds from the notion that the enterprise of intercollegiate athletics, as it has come to be, is neither inherently virtuous nor right-minded, and that it demands skeptical inquiry and public scrutiny. The Intercollegiate is unconcerned with on-the-field results and indifferent to the entertainment interests of fans. We trust you can find that kind of coverage in a thousand other college sports media platforms.

We endeavor to skeptically examine college sports through our emailed dispatch, Newsletter of Intent, and a weekly podcast. (You can subscribe to both from this website.) Behind-the-scenes, we actively collaborate with academics and other journalists, in the hopes of bringing greater illumination and understanding to the problems of this multi-billion-dollar industry, which touches every important part of our society and prevails over the American higher education system.

The Intercollegiate officially launched on Oct. 28, 2019. Please scroll down to learn more about our roster, contributors and creative partner.


Matt Brown

Matt Brown is the founder and publisher of the Extra Points newsletter. Prior to that, he ran SB Nation’s college team brand coverage, and regularly contributed for and Banner Society. Matt is also the author of “What If? A closer look at college football’s great questions”. He is passionate about college football history, higher education policy, open records, the business of college athletics, and goofy mascots. Matt is a graduate of The Ohio State University, and a Granville, Ohio native. He lives in Chicago, with his wife and two daughters.

Creative Partner

The Intercollegiate is proud to partner with the College Sport Research Institute (CSRI), an academic center housed within the Department of Sport and Entertainment Management at the University of South Carolina. CSRI’s mission is to encourage and support interdisciplinary and inter-university collaborative college-sport research, serve as a research consortium for college-sport researchers from across the United States, and disseminate college-sport research results to academics, college-sport practitioners and the general public. You can learn more by visiting CSRI’s website.